Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Projects, New Enthusiasm

Well, that's my New Year's Resolution anyway. I'm going to be more energetic and enthusiastic about where I'm going with my art...and I'm going to call it art, not just "my hobbies" or "just one of those crafts I do". Everyone else sees what I do as art, and then I stammer through some reason why it's just a hobby really. But, art takes on all kinds of forms and entities. I think the real difference between a work of art and a hobby is how far you push the boundries of a craft.
If you just like to learn the basics, follow the rules, you've got yourself a hobby. And there's nothing wrong with that. Hobbies are great for stress and mental energy, everyone should have a hobby. I have several, and collect more every year. In fact, I intend to re-learn how to sew this year. Perhaps even make a few new dresses for myself. I was looking at a wrap dress the other day and thought: 'I can do that'. And so I shall.

 But most definately I'm going to push myself more with my jewlery, encorporate it with other things, branch out a bit. I love finding new ways to do old things, like the crochet wire. By the way, just finished my first order of the new year, and my first mass order ever.

Right now I'm stuck on beadweaving. The only pattern I know is a rope, but I'm already changing it up.
This one is a neclace woven with a double strand of nylon invisible thread and thousands of tiny silver lined clear glass seed beads.

I've made ten bracelets and a necklace so far, and now I'm working on another. Right now it's bracelet length, and I might leave it at that, I haven't decided.
I love how great the perdot worked with this, and the uneven size and shape of the raw chips just makes it look that much better...way better than I expected. I can't wait to finish this one. But I'm gonna, think I'll go to bed before 4AM today, lol.

Goodnite world!!

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