Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

Kind of interesting to get excited about Halloween again. Our family kind of just gave it up after our Dad died, I think it just seemed weird to everyone to celebrate a holiday that was also the anniversary of his death. But the next generation has brought back the spirit (pun intended, lol). Too bad mom doesn't still have her Vincent Price recordings.
 This year we grew small sweet pie pumpkins so my sister can make us all pumpkin pie, lol. We still had to have Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, but we didn't want to cut up the pumpkins just yet, so my neice and I spent Tuesday cutting and glueing rather than scraping and carving.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stirling silver

I actually started out with the base metals with the hope that I'd get good enough that I can work with stirling silver without it making me nervous...that didn't happen. But I have gotten good enough that I thought it was about time I made a few pieces in SS anyway. I have already done a few things, with a larger gauge SS wire, like the things I made for my mother. However these are all made out of 26 guage wire, a bit smaller than what I used for the jump rings and much smaller and more fragile than the headpins I regularly use.

All the pieces have perdot, but the one's with the amethyst also are part of a Christmas gift .
Yes I'm working on Christmas already!!!!
 Can't decide if I want to keep these two for myself or try to sell them...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wrapped wire chain necklace

In two tone, copper wrapped wire links with a silver base metal chain that's been folded over twice to form a double U. Each end of a clasp is added to the top of the U; the bottom of the U is fed through one end of the wrapped links, then the clasp end is fed through the center and pulled to make a knot.
The links aren't perfect circles, and aren't wrapped finely like my rings, but personally I like it that way. I might try to make it with the closely wrapped rings one day, but I think that would make it look too perfect...and not hand made.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

an October post

lest you think I've done nothing today...
 really I was just curious if I could wrap them within each other, I didn't expect to like it, and I've add three more links since I took the picture. I think this would be nice as a feature section on a chain necklace, maybe added as the middle or woven onto the chain, I'll have to think about it, maybe I'll even add more to make it a full chain by itself...though that would take me days, this was time consuming. And it seems that every time I complain about a project being time consuming, I come up with one that's more so.
Another of the light wrapped rings, this one with three simi-precious stones and 34 guage wire in silver color. I don't know what they are, I didn't ask when I bought them, but they're as small as the seed beads and are what I used in the crocheted watch band and matching bracelet.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

For the record boys...just a short note on dating

It is ok to tell a woman that you love her ass...but not over the phone...while she's at work. And seriously, it would go over much better if you introduced yourself first, regardless of the method by which you deliver your message. And probably you shouldn't choose to go covert with someone who has a memory for voices :\ (tangent thought for any and all Hoosiers...irregardless is NOT a word!!)

Also boys, if you want to ask a girl out, and you present yourself while she's at work, after you've already established that she's too busy to chat over the phone because you called before you stopped, then's the time to ask...not over the phone ten minutes after you've left her place of work. I'm sorry I laughed at you pal, but you have to admit that's kind of on the rediculous side. I understand shy, that's not just shy, it's weird.

Compliment or's all in the delivery.

For instance, establishing that a girl is old enough to date before you ask her out comes across as flirty...telling her after, no matter if she's accepted or rejected your offer, that you didn't think she could be a day over 18 makes you seem a bit like the dirty old man you really are.

And for the girls, if your girlfriends, frenemys, sisters, co-workers, etc. suggest wearing a 'fake ring' JUST SAY NOOOO!!! The one's you want to ward of with this talisman will not notice...and I guarantee, the one you absolutely, positively, do not want to see you wearing this token of a fake comittment is the only one who will notice. Add gentleman the list of what makes him so damn attractive...damn, damn, damn.

oh hell...
oh well...
I'll just keep making crap...

I'm going to call these barely there rings, because 'for real' (I stole that from my 5 year old niece) I can't feel these when I wear them. They take a lot more time and patience, but it's worth it, I just like them so much better than the other wrapped rings.