Monday, January 17, 2011

To sell or not to sell...

Don't get me wrong, I loved making these bracelets, and making a profit off of them wasn't a priority when she ordered them, because I like her and she said they were for gifts...but I have a dilema now. The husband of the woman I sold them too, who is also a regular customer at my 'real job', stopped by and in a friendly, not so discrete, but not terribly overt, way suggested that I make them for him to sell. He kept saying how beautiful they were, and how his wife just loved them, and that he could really sell them. The thing is, I'd never made so many in such a short time and hadn't really broken it down to see how much it costs me to make the kind that she asked for. I have gemstone versions on my Etsy for $15 and $20, but these were glass, and I thought, not really worth that much. But honestly, I really feel a $6 profit isn't worth the hours and hours I spent on them...or the broken fingernails and bruised fingertips. How do I tell them that without feeling like I'm being greedy? And the biggest dilema of do I let it go so I can feel creative again?

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