Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creative blitz, and one piece of chaos later...

I haven't posted anything in forever, but I've kept busy. Not really new styles, but new pieces none the less. Though one is a bit...different.
another necklace/bellychain...I made this one 35" and apparently that's just a bit too long to use as a bracelet...well, except on someone who's wrist is either smaller or larger than mine.

Not a new style of necklace, but it is slightly different, I've never added a tail chain before. And instead of buying one of those preemade ones with the metal charm, I made one with a bead in the same color different shape.
 if you haven't noticed already, I tend to organize by either shape or color...keeping 'likes' together in some way. The one above, are all the same octagonal shape. To the left are all beveled, and below are round. All came from the same three packs of beads, I divided them this time by shape.

There's also symetry...each one has a center bead (or in the case above right, split evenly in the center) and then each bead is mirrored on either side
And then I wondered what it would look like if I stopped doing that, just once...obviously I didn't use several different shapes, I didn't have anything else like this bead. I love these, they're practically luminescent, I poured them out on my plate and thought 'they look kinda cool there in no particular order' and then I had a new style, lol. no order to the shape, size, number of beads in a 'set', even the lenght of chain between the sets is out of uniform...and I love it!!  I failed a little with the bracelet, it almost looks orderly, lol.

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