Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!!!

When I heard we were to get four to six inches of snow, I thought I'd take an old fashioned snow day. On my day off I thought I'd stay in, curl up with a sweater and the quilt my sister made me for Christmas. I'd work on a relaxing project and maybe listen to the radio or a good movie and sip on a homemade hot mocha.
Well, so far I've done some of that, skipped the mocha, but I had to make some hot enchilada soup after the two hour trek through said snowstorm :)

These kids kept yelling at me to take their picture, which I'd already done anyway. But then a photographer with a professional camera came out and indulged them...I got on the other side of his lens as fast as I could, he looked like the staff photographer from the local paper that got me walking to my mother's house one day a few summers ago...I ended up as a silhouette on the front page of the paper the next day. :(
When I was a kid they used to put up hay bales so that we could sled down the hills without ending up in this creek.
 I wasn't the only one who took the scenic route through the park. When I walked up to the barrier to the old 'indian trails" I expected undisturbed snow, and found lots footprints.

by the time I was done, I was thoroughly frozen and my jeans were solid slabs of ice. Funny that my shoes repelled the snow though. I love these boots for that, and the fact that they're comfy furry lined, but they do NOT keep my feet warm...they look stubby in this picture because I took the photo myself, so the original is really upside down, lol.

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