Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I did this week

I've been away a while and this is what I did when I wasn't doing something else, lol.

I found a use for the 26 gauge black coated wire:

Wrapped bangles

Wrapped rings

These are sterling silver, for my mother, she can't wear anything else.

I'm used to working with base metals and so I don't worry as much about mistakes, I can just make it again. I can't be so careless with silver, it's too expensive. I didn't make the posts (though I do for my own, since I can only wear silver in my ears) but I did make the links and the jump rings (which I used most of for a necklace, I made nearly 200, and let me tell you, that is tedious). I made her a bracelet/necklace/earrings set in the amethyst chips too, and then forgot to photograph them. I've not had idle hands this week...and I have the callouses to prove it.

One more thing...
Thirty-three inch chunky bracelet/anklet/necklace/belly chain

I will most positively be doing this one again, I love that it works so well for so many things and I think it'd look great as a headband too, just needs another clasp to hold it in place at the other end because it's too big for one wrap and too small to be wrapped around twice

I've been getting lots of positive feedback on my crocheted jewelry, but I think, instead of more jewelry, I'm going to finally make this project idea a reality.

I'm going to start with a miniature version...but it will still be functional. The cabinet is solid at the back, top and bottom. The corners are framed making it open on three sides, with crocheted wire attached from the inside, and lighting attached at the top to highlight the glass beads that will be crocheted into the face and sides. Hopefully I'll show you a finished piece next week. :)

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