Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting new idea

I'm going to combine the crocheted wire with the wrapped rings to solve my problem with clasps. I've been looking everywhere for a clasp that connects to a piece that will accommodate more than a 2 or 3mm open ring. Traditionally, all clasps have one or more small rings attached at the non-clasp end that attaches to the principle object to you want to connect, i.e. bracelet or necklace. This does not work well with my crocheted jewelry. I've had to search out two and three ring clasps and attach with jump rings which then still doesn't keep it from curling. I should probably thank my @%#$%^ neighbors for keeping me up till 6:30am on Wednesday...more on that later...because if I hadn't been up blasting my dinky battery operated radio to counter their thumping stereo, I doubtless would have thought of this in daylight hours, possibly while working and forgotten it when finally home. Anyway, so far I've made the rings, in copper wire, one plain ring and one with stones, the second I'll bend to form a hook that will also serve as the 'color' on the piece. I'll crochet a bracelet directly onto the two rings, and voila, no curling...I hope. I'll add pictures as I have them.

So far:
You'll have to imagine the ring with the red beads forming a C so that it catches the plain ring. The crochet wire will wrap around the left side of the left ring, forms a circle and wrapps around and connects to the right side (plain side) of the right ring.

Ok, as for my neighbors, I'd like to pose a question. I'm not a smoker, and while I have had a drink on occasion, I'm not much of a drinker..well, now not at all since the thyroid med can't do my liver any favors. I have never in my life smoked marijuana or anything else for that matter, not even a cigarette, nor have I ever swallowed any kind of pill I couldn't buy from the drugstore, either over the counter or by prescription from a doctor. So forgive me if I don't understand the idea of changing one's perceptions by use of burning chemicals. My question is, why the hell would you set fire to, and put in your mouth, something that smells like your six month-olds dirty diaper? Ok, so I've never had a six month old either...but that's what my appartment smells like when I come home after he's been having one of his little someone set fire to the dirty diaper bin. wtf. I'm serious, I don't understand, someone please enlighten me....I'll let you answer while I take a scented bath at 2AM. Good night.

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