Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So this is what the new bracelet looks like in the end...kind of.

 I forgot to take a picture of the red and copper bracelet before I gave it to my mother, who I was making it for in the first place. I was just so excited that it worked I had to see what she thought of it right away I guess, lol. She loved it and my neice was jealous, so I made her one too, in pink, didn't think to take a picture of that one either. So, I decided to make one for myself in black, but then forgot that the spools I've been buying only have enough wire to make two bracelets. Kiara's was of course smaller than mom's, so I ran out mid bracelet, but I think I'll use it as an sample peice...'cause I certainly can't use it for anything else, lol.

But officially, it does work, lol

A wearable bracelet, smaller and and in silver instead of copper

Possibly the smallest ring ever, lol. Made with red seed beads and wrapped with 34 guage wire, it was so small it gave me a headache trying to see where to lay the wire.

The ring on the right is a size 5, the one on the left is a 7...the one in the middle I can get over the first knuckle of my right pinky finger, lol...and my knuckles are small.

I was just having a moment while I was brainstorming, but it's kinda fun to wear, and I can't feel it at all. I might have to do a few just for the hell of it.

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