Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well that's great....

Baby brother just up and moved back to Arkansas...I say back though even for the oldest, more than half of our lives were spent here in Indiana, and all but our oldest sister was born in Florida. Our mother can't understand why, if we only spent seven years there, do we all think of it still as 'back home'. Sometimes I don't either to be honest. But he's a roofer and contractor, and jobs are getting scarce...and it gets damned cold here in winter. That said, I really hope our niece got to make him feel like a big jerk last night for packing up all his shit in the middle of the night and leaving without saying good-bye to her...though it should have been him holding her, cleaning up her face, and wiping her nose, telling his niece he'll see her again. I hope he finds work...but he's still a jerk. And he never sent me the pictures I took with his camera of our last trip to Arkansas, what a boob.

Besides family this is the only thing I miss about Arkansas

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