Friday, April 26, 2013

3rd Reveal of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party

Oops! this was supposed to be scheduled for posting just before midnight Saturday the 27th, which is like, now...the third reveal, happy hopping! :)

It's here! The finale of Lori Anderson's BSBP 7, the last group to reveal will post on their blogs tonight and tomorrow what they've done with the beads they've received from their bead soup partner. Here's a link to Lori's BSBP blog listing all the 3rd reveal blogs.

I've only gotten to do a little hopping myself as my internet's been sketchy lately. But if, like me, you're ok with going through the entire list, there's a post for the first reveal direct-to-post links here

The second will be coming soon...and the third, when all the posts are in for tonights group...and I'll post those later when Lori has those lists finished, but if you don't mind sorting through the posts the soupers have posted since their BSBP post, you can get the entire list here.

and if you just want to look at pretty pictures of gorgeous jewelry you can ogle the pieces that were posted on the Pinterest BSBP 7 board or the Contest Entries for BSBP 7 board. 

Happy Hopping!!!

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