Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I wrote a really long blog

And my blogger app deleted it while I was trying to post it :(
I don't really have the energy to go into it all over again, but I wanted to share my new project.
Long story shortened, two problems + two solutions = 4 new projects ;)

Problem 1: The butterlfly's wings kept folding in on itself (and JoAnn's clearanced all their silver to 97¢ because it was getting stolen…yeah, scratching my head at that one myself). Solution 1: make my own S links from head pins.
Problem 2: I had two butterflies, and one chain that was too long as one and too short to split. Solution 2: bead link extenders.

New projects: Build your own bracelet (or whatever you fancy).
I haven't taken pictures of the others yet, but there's paper clip bookmarks; and a way to convert pins (broach) to slider pendants that will also work for making polymer clay and ice resin pendants.

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