Thursday, February 16, 2012

Empty hearts update

Ooooh I like that, empty hearts, I'll have to use that…but not for this one, I already have plans for these.

As I feared, most of the resin sank to the bottom as it hardened, and so the walls were too thin even to remove the the hearts from the mold. But I don't give up easily…and my mother always called it stubbornness, more like focused perseverance :)

It's a good thing I can mix the ice resin in small batches, because as I was brainstorming I came up with a brilliant plan. I just have to do them in six layers. And prop the mold in the direction I want each to settle. And wait six hours between each layer. And then another mix to put them together. And three days to cure before I add the liquid. And another mix to seal it up and add the bail...easy peasy. =|

If you don't hear from me again, I've just lost my mind, that's all.

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