Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's not all in my head

Well, Monday it was finally confirmed, I'm not a hypocondriac, I've just been living with a slow gas leak for a while. Honestly, I'm not even sure how long "a while" is, and the gas company didn't really quantify what they meant by "a pretty good flow", but I first smelled it two and a half years ago and acclimated to the smell after the landlords moved two heavy smokers into the other two apartments. I thought it had been fixed two years ago when I talked the maintenance man into checking it for me between tenants downstairs. But as I've found out the hard way, men are less sensitive to the additive in natural gas meant to make it detectable. I'm angry, I'm disappointed, I'm glad it's fixed...but I no longer trust my landlords. I'm hoping to move soon, so say a little prayer, wish me luck, send some positive vibes, cross your fingers and toes that I can get a good house and a reasonable and responsible landlord.