Saturday, July 5, 2014

Creative Spark 2014 Summer Challenge and Blog Hop

I woke up this morning feeling like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, but I couldn't remember why. Then it hit me! It's time to check out all the beautiful work the designers did with their Cultured Sea Glass beads and pendants for the 2014 Creative Spark E-zine challenge! I'm running a bit late, I tried to get this to post last night, but blogger wouldn't load any of my pictures.

As you may remember, the challenge was to pick two colors from the Cultured Sea Glass collection from, then create a day/casual piece or set, and a evening/dressy piece or set.

These were my color choices:

#37-Medium Amethyst
I received:
S79-B161 Cultured Sea Glass barrel beads in opaque purple
P23-B37  Cultured Sea Glass bottle curved diamond square pendants in medium amethyst
S62-B37S Cultured Sea Glass oval ring beads in medium amethyst

#16-Desert Gold
I received:
P23-B16 Cultured Sea Glass bottle curved diamond square pendants
PMX7-B16 Cultured Sea Glass fancy ring Pendants free form large hole
P51-B16  Cultured Sea Glass fish Pendants in desert Gold
P49-B16S  Cultured Sea Glass sand dollar pendants in desert gold
S77-B17  Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round beads in amber

And this was my challenge color: #82 Teal
What I received:
PMX7-B82  Cultured Sea Glass fancy ring pendants free form in teal
PMX5-B82  Cultured Sea Glass free form flat pendants in teal
S76-B82  Cultured Sea Glass hour glass beads in teal
Cultured Sea Glass 37x8mm Teardrop Round Tip Drilled Pendants--these unfortunately have been out of stock since the first time I spied them, but I keep checking, because I really like them.

And of the pieces I chose for my entries for the Creative Spark E-Zine:

For casual/day pieces I decided a pair of barefoot sandals were in order, I love walking through the grass or digging my toes in the sand, and my niece absolutely loved these. I asked her to model them for some photos and she refused to take them off after, they do look pretty awesome on her. She's only nine, the same height as me, yet wears a shoe size three sizes larger than me, so I was really checking to see if they'd work for her as well as they did for me. I put all of the weight of the beads at the front and used a lightweight material and clasp, so while it was loose on me, it was still very comfortable and stayed in place at my ankle.

And these earrings are part of my evening set, I wanted to keep the sea glass as my focal, but give it a little bling treatment. The Chinese tiaria crystal rondelles are from also.

And more to come, a preview of the pieces I worked on, but weren't what I considered up to Creative Spark standard:
The hourglass beads are wrapped in a hemp cord, and glued in place. I thought I'd like them strung with some of the opaque purple barrel beads, but I didn't much. I do like the long teardrop earrings, and I like the chain on it, but I can't seem to get the placement right, the fine sterling silver chain just doesn't move the way I wanted it to.

To see better pictures of my pieces please check out the Summer 2014 edition of Creative Spark, the blog, or the link that will be on the right hand side of my blog shortly.  

Also, this is a blog hop, so please check out what all the other designers received and what beautiful pieces they imagined with the always delightfully challenging Cultured Sea Glass from


  1. Oh, I'm glad to see you were able to get your post up and talk a little more about your designs. You must have tiny feet like me (I wear a 3 in kids and a 4 1/2-5 in adults). Oh, and I love your more experimental designs that weren't included in the magazine. Specifically, the teardrop with the chain is SO COOL! I hope you can get it to work out the way you envision!

  2. I just love the barefoot sandals. I so rarely wear shoes but love a bit of bling and those are perfect.

  3. I love the earrings with the filigree and cultured sea glass. Great design!

  4. Love the earrings with the filigree!

  5. Cool! I have never seen someone make the barefoot sandals before. Nice idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm really glad to see the item numbers posted in case we want to get more of these beads. I should have thought about that. That said, I love your footwear! I love being barefoot! What a great design and perfect for summer wear. One other thing.....those purple earrings are to die for! Love them.

  7. So Clever! Love those 'barefoot sandals' and the filigree earrings are great too.

  8. I can't wait to steal your idea for the evening earrings! Putting the sea glass on top of filigree is simply genius

  9. I just love the evening earrings! those are gorgeous!! such cleaver designs

  10. Hi Klaudete, The filigree looks great behind the sea glass in your earrings.

  11. Great idea with the barefoot sandals and your filigree earrings are lovely!