Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creative Spark Glossie Fall Edition pre-post

First I'd like to thank everyone for the kind replies to my last post, it's going to take time, I know that, and I'm grateful to know so many who understand. I miss my brother, I always will, a part of me will always want to scream and yell, and cry out loud at the whole world as if it were someone's fault. I have questions. I have regrets. And I have hope. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. 

Jeff lived life the the fullest, and I plan to follow his example. He was a creator too, that's our connection. Occasionally he would ask me about my jewelry work, he worked with hemp and beads, knot work, micro macrame. I'll never have the physical strength to finish the pieces he left behind. But my mother insisted I take them anyway. To try. 

First, I'm trying to pull myself back into the creative mindset. I've followed the last two challenges from, but without participating. This summer, the Znetshows Design team put together a Glossi, called Creative Spark, an online magazine featuring the products from, using a theme, "Rings and Bling" and a select group of Znetshows design team members. The next edition of Creative Spark, the fall/winter edition, for which the theme is Pearls, I've been asked to participate. 

These are my bead choices. 
These big black pearls are enormous, heavy, and solid. Like tiny bowling balls. I love them!!

This picture is a bit deceiving, these pearls are quite small, and very slate gray sky cold...or are they glittering frozen dew? Melt from an icicle hanging from the boughs? 

My non pearl choices: to compliment and accentuate the pearls.

And for the next post, Hope has put together 'lightning rounds', challenges with a quick turnaround. I've started a post with my choices and pieces, but I'd like to post it as one post and I'm still working on a couple of pieces. The aim of this lightning round is to make bracelets for the organization Global Genes Project and thier 7000 Bracelets For Hope campagn, who offer hope, encouragement, and blue bracelets to patients and families who suffer from rare and genetic diseases. I'd already planned a donation, and ordered several blue beads from before I was invited to this challenge and so I have a lot to work with. I'll have that post up soon.

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