Sunday, November 10, 2013

7000 Bracelets for Hope with

As I mentioned in a blog post last week, I was invited to take part in the latest lightening round challenge.
The challenge for this particular lightening round was to choose just two blue beads from Znetshows catalog, and with those selections, design and donate bracelets for The Global Genes Project's 7000 Bracelets for Hope campagn.
Please click on the links, I tried to summarize their mission, but I think it's best if you read for yourself. I'd heard about them about a year ago and with my own family's connection to rare and genetic diseases I felt a need to contribute. Before I was invited to this challenge, I'd ordered several Chinese Tiaria crystal rondelles in blue and white from, whith the intention of donating to the campaign. So I've added a picture of what I've done with some of those beads too. My choices for this lightening round are the teal blue coin beads and the smokey blue 3mm rondelle beads. Which I paired with denim strips, with snap closures, to represent the Global Genes awareness ribbon. There are a total of 16 bracelets so far, five teal coin, two white coin, one butterfly, and eight stretch bracelets. I want to make a few more (I have enough smokey blue beads to make just one more butterfly, but I still have nine teal coin beads left) before I send them off.


  1. Oh, your pieces are so unique. I especially like those skinny denim ones. Absolutely inspired. Well done Klaudete!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Hope, I think, of my designs, those are probably the most representative of the ribbon they use. I think though, after looking at what the others did with theirs, I kinda went on the plain side...maybe I'll kick it up a notch for the next batch, lol.

  2. Thank you Cindy, I had fun with them.

  3. Soooo pretty, I love the denim fun those must have been to make! Your other bracelets are cute too... :-)