Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'Cause I'm a sucker for a challenge

Still working on those bracelets for the boys...and I've got my beads for the Znetshows June challenge...but why not a few more, right?

June challenge inspiration photo (I'd love to credit the photo if anyone knows where it came from, it wasn't credited on Pinterest)

The beads I received from Znetshows that Bee picked using the beach photo above for inspiration.

Don't forget to check out Bee Kuhlman's blog Mixed Mayhem Studios to see what I picked out using this photo.

This challenge is to be paired with another beader from the design team; choose from a list of  hundreds of their beautiful beads seven items to be sent to our partner: one stone, one glass pearl, one sea glass, one crystal, one base metal, and two of our own choice; and then create beach themed pieces with what we are sent, and post on our blogs by July 6th.

And then...yesterday I was asked by a friend if I could create a circlet by June 21st for a Midsummer event she's participating in.

an unfinished braided bracelet using the red Tiaria Chinese crystal rondelles from 

I'd already been working on more of those braided bracelets, only with a double strand of wire, which I believe is called a Celtic braid, which I sent her photos of, and she loved. Here are some ideas of what kind of circlet she needs. As soon as she asked, ideas were running through my mind, but I looked it up anyway, just to be sure I was on the right track...and that I wasn't getting myself in over my head. And I thought maybe I could do both as a combined challenge with my Znetshows design challenge. I asked for her color preferences and sent her a photo of my beads, and she agreed that the blues were good. It was so awesome and exciting, and I couldn't get to sleep till after 4 AM.

Then I saw early this morning that the winner of the last challenge on the facebook group Bead Soup Cafe had posted her challenge and photo for the 8th Non-blogger, blogger challenge (which of course I promptly signed up for today).

You'll never guess the theme.

Seriously, you won't believe it


Awesome!! Due July 14th

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