Sunday, March 11, 2012

Days 7-10

Day 7: use a new metal. I think the only metal I've never used is platinum, and I wasn't making a special trip tp the craft store for findings I can't really afford, just for a challenge. So I used some green craft wire that id never tried, not a new metal, but a new form of it.

I skipped day 8, I didn't feel well, and there's another social day on the calendar, so I'll just combine them.

Day 9: incorporate beads in a non jewelry project. I was going to add a beaded fringe to a piece of silk I bought at the salvation army store a couple weeks ago, but I need a sewing machine to give it a finished edge first, otherwise it'll fray and come right off. I thought about just heming it by hand, but that'll give the edge bulk when I add the beads…so I made a beaded hearts keychain charm.

Day 10: use a found object in a jewelry design. Technically I bought it, but my nephew found it at the Indianapolis  Children's Museum and begged me to get it for him. The rock is pyrite, or fools gold, and I wrapped it like the shells. The wires are gold colored and I did the frame like the others, but the wire 'rope' is crocheted 34 guage wire…and it didn't hold even for a whole day. So back to braiding, it just looks better than plain straight wire.
Day 11: make a beaded gift. It's not the finished piece for today, but I have to leave it here and head to work in a few minutes, so instead of being behind on my posts again, I'll just post the prototype…I have baby ears, so I can't give that one away…and I didn't make it today.

That's me all caught up on my Fusion Beads 30 Day beading challenge. I posted the link in a couple other blogs if you want to follow along.

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