Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 2: use leftover beads and Day 3: learn a new beading technique

Yesterday's post wouldn't publish, so now I have two updates.
Day 2 was use leftover beads. I think it's understood that all crafters hold on to leftovers, whether it's scrap, or samples, or fillers, we all have that box or bag or in my case, a little cookie tin, full of bits and bobs that "I'll find some use for, surely." I have lots of those to choose from, actually, being a craft addict, I have a whole 33 gallon tote of bits and bobs I'll find some use for, someday…surely.
Add my first attempt at a cuff that I'd tossed to the side. And well, my niece loved it, lol.

Day 3: learn a new beading technique. I had to work today, stayed up late working on something for work, and had to run errands this morning. So, I was really glad I hadn't gotten around to learning this one yet. It's called a bead wrapped cord technique. But the beads end up center of the cord. And keeping with the recycle theme, the organic cotton twine was leftover from a crochet project; and the butterfly button is actually a cord crimp that was originally attached to a hair elastic I used to pull my hair in bun with :)

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