Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanks again @beadingdaily

I've been known to download those free teaser patterns book publishers put out, and websites draw you in with, but this os the first time I've ever actually used one that wasn't just a new technique. It was just too gorgeous not to try it though. Honestly, it was the sparkle that caught me, but i'd been playing around with, and failing miserably at, my own snowflakes using seed beads. I had thought I could do the pattern ( as instructed, but as I read it I realized I just couldn't afford to use the same materials.
I used size 10 and size 6 white ceylon glass seed beads. And I have to say, even though it doesn't have that icy crystalline uniformity of Diane Fitzgerald's pattern, I absolutely love these. Guess I'll have to add her book to my "when I win the lottery, this will be in my library" list. (Think I have a new pinterest pin board :)

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