Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No games

Dudes, sending a girl a guilt text to make her feel bad about not replying to your other crappy texts does not win you any points…just sayin'…

And while I'm on the subject; since when does "When can I get wit'you?" replace "Are you free for dinner/movie/coffee/whateverfloatsyerboat tonight?" Am I that old fashioned? Is it really ok to invite yourself over to a woman's home after one phone conversation? Are "Come over" texts at 12AM the new "Let's grab a drink?" Am I living in a bygone era? You say we should grab a bite to eat sometime…<-----what's that? Sometime? Anytime? When time? Oh, right!! Now I'm supposed to ask YOU out! No thanks, I'd rather die a childless spinster.

P.S. Thank you, to the sweet, hot, 21 year old for complimenting me on my name, my hair, and my laugh before asking if I was free for an entire day…and reminding me why I don't have to settle. Too bad I'm almost old enough to be your momma.

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