Thursday, October 20, 2011


It rained TORRENTS at the beginning of summer, there were 50 mph winds just  days ago, and my my air-conditioner falls out of the window on a cold drizly autumn night…and not just night, the middle of the night; 2 AM to be precise. The cold, wet, muddy, middle of the night…and I, the only one home, had to squeeze myself and this 50 lb hunk of wet metal and plastic through the three foot breezeway that was reduced to one ft. by the presence of several large immoveable pieces of 8 ft privacy fencing. Now my backside won't get warm and my arms and legs feel like I've done a triathlon.
Oh yes, and I ruined a pair of jeans, a new coat, gloves, and boots trying to rescue a very muddy $150 two year old air-conditioner… I wonder if that little trip voided my warranty.

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