Friday, May 17, 2013

New additions to the Sea glass collection

I need to update my tools, you can see the tool marks on my swirls :(
but since I made them for me, I guess I won't return them, lol

Sea glass tusk stud earrings

The studs are at an upward angle on purpose. I tried a straight out 90 degree stud, curved ear wire, french style ear wire, and straight slanting down stud, and this slightly upward angle was the only way to keep the top heavy cultured sea glass tusk from leaning forward at a steep angle. 
Each earring is wrapped in one solid four inch piece of 20 gauge copper colored art wire, which includes the ear wire stud. 
I'm going to do a few in sterling silver as soon as I replace my stash of 22 gauge, 20 gauge is just a bit big. And these tusks come in different lengths and shapes and some have holes that run along the longer side of the tusk, so that the flatter side would be in the front, making it possible to play with the wire placement.

right side view/left front view

Crocheted cuff bracelet

It's weird, but I like it. you might recognize the technique, I used to do this with wire wrapped rings and 34 guage wire. I thought the white crochet thread was much more nautical looking with the sea glass starfish buttons and sea glass bottle ring. If I could read or write a crochet pattern I'd share this. I'm working on another with an orange sea glass bottle ring with the same blue glass rice pearls in this bracelet. The reason I didn't share this on Monday is because of all the was done...except for the strings sticking out all over. I love to crochet, but I hate tucking in the strings, it's stupid, I know. 

It closes with tiny little buttons on the back. I'm going to have to get more of these rings, i have sooo many ideas...seriously, there are endless possibilities with these beautiful beads.

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  1. Great bracelet. I love how you added the starfish. Very fun...nice!