Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well, I did try...

...and I failed (sort of). I broke one of the petals off when I brilliantly added the crimp tube cover, just sqweezed it right off. It would have worked if I'd secured the wires first.
...if at first you don't succeed...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The beginnings of a vanilla bean blossom. I've got to find larger crimp tubes if I'm going to make it workon though.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

From that.

Seriously in love with french bead flowers!!
 Another tedious craft, but well worth the labor. I just can't believe how easily I picked this one up. I had to do three or four of the crocheted bracelets before I was happy with what I got, and everything else took gads of practice, but I just really love this!! Up next is a vanilla bean flower, one of my favorite customers at my other job gave me a bottle of homemade vanilla. She makes them for herself and her family and I thought it would be nice to give her something back, then I found these and now I can't wait to give her one to decorate her bottle with.
 Had to give myself a break from these, three of the five I have done...out of six that were one that I did till I could get more silver. I still like doing these, but they do hurt my fingers, so I needed a break for a day or two. I do love that blue though, I'm thinking I might need one myself, lol.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Projects and more projects

I don't know what's got into me, I've gotten tons of things done, even photographed, but I just haven't thought to post about it I guess.
Everyone liked the first pair I made, so I made a few more. Of course, everyone asked where to get them, then no one got them, lol.
Then I decided to try a layered necklace, I like it, but it rolls, I'll have to change the connector, right now all the chains end at a jump ring.

Now I'm finishing an order for six crocheted bracelets. But after that, I've found a new love...french bead flowers!!! Which, I hope I can incorporate into the crocheted wire, I'm thinking curtain ties, forever corsages...who knows what I could do with these!!