Saturday, February 19, 2011

From that.

Seriously in love with french bead flowers!!
 Another tedious craft, but well worth the labor. I just can't believe how easily I picked this one up. I had to do three or four of the crocheted bracelets before I was happy with what I got, and everything else took gads of practice, but I just really love this!! Up next is a vanilla bean flower, one of my favorite customers at my other job gave me a bottle of homemade vanilla. She makes them for herself and her family and I thought it would be nice to give her something back, then I found these and now I can't wait to give her one to decorate her bottle with.
 Had to give myself a break from these, three of the five I have done...out of six that were one that I did till I could get more silver. I still like doing these, but they do hurt my fingers, so I needed a break for a day or two. I do love that blue though, I'm thinking I might need one myself, lol.

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