Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching up

I've been rather neglectful of my blog, mostly because I look at the title and I just can't stand it. But I still haven't come up with an alternative...maybe one day...maybe.

I've not been idle though, nope, not me, the insomniac.

1mmx2mm micro faceted gemstones (mostly garnet and amethyst) and 10/0 silver lined crystal czech glass seed beads in a spiral beadweave.
 3mm Crystal AB czech glass beads and 11/0 czech glass black seed beads in a spiral beadweave.
I was actually experimenting with making a frame for a lamp shade...then...well, I don't really remember how I got here, but I like them :-)
This was the first dreamcatcher, the frame is 26 guage silver colored wire, the web is 32 guage silver colored wire, with an amethyst bead chip to represent the spider, and a green czech glass leaf...I've gotten better at it since this one.

I've done lots and lots of bracelets too...lots =|
Hair clippie for a co-worker's baby daughter, she probably won't wear hers either, my niece doesn't, but now her momma wants some for her own hair, lol. This one is 32 guage wire, 10/0 amethyst czech glass seed beads, and 11/0 emerald czech glass seed beads.

 See, told you I got better; turquois bead chip and silver colored wire dreamcatcher with an autumn leaf bead.

These are a surprise for my mother and her brothers and sister. Grandma wrote a poem/song, Red Roses for Mother I think it's called, anyway, I thought it would be nice to have some permanant flowers at her headstone. She believed in my talent, she would have been proud of what I've taught myself....and she would been tickled pink to know that I used some recycled materials for her roses :)

..and better...copper and peridot, I couldn't find feathers and looked it up, I saw that traditional dreamcatchers had leaves too, or at least one website said I used leaf beads. I couldn't find any to match the peridot so I made my own. I really love copper and peridot, every copper top should wear green :)

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