Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello, I'm Klaudete, also known as Det to my family, and Coldcrimsonember around and about the internet. Welcome to my new blog!!

I'm on Facebook (<---facebook badge over there :-), Etsy, AOL and as Coldcrimsonember.

Though I spend the major part of my waking hours...well, those not spent at my 'real job'...creating some thing or another, I do have other pursuits and will probably share them here from time to time, if you don't mind :).

Well, I think since it's now after 3AM and I'm probably not likely to say anything worth reading at this hour, I'll let this suffice to be my first post. Also, I've only just now done a Google search on my new Blogger name, and am now thoroughly depressed, not as original as I thought, though why I thought it would be is beyond me...but made worse by the fact that the name...not on Blogger mind already taken, many times, but also by a former professor :-\ little bit embarrassing.

Maybe I'll dream up a new one :)
Sweet dreams Bloggers!!!

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