Wednesday, May 28, 2014


...and not with my fancy shmancy 16 MP Fuji digital camera with all the bells and whistles either. This picture was taken with my four year old 3 MP Android v2.5 (yep, you read that right) LG Optimus smartphone.

Thanks for pollinating the black raspberries little dude.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Znetshows Summer challenge

With the BSBP still under way I forgot to let you know about the new project, a new summer E-zine featuring their line of colorful sea glass. The theme is Summer Days and Nights, and we're asked to make two to four pieces/sets, one or two for each aspect of the theme, casual days and glamorous nights. We were allowed to choose two colors, and were warned that we may receive another color with the ones we chose.

I chose Medium Amethyst and Dark Amber, I'll break down the pieces for you in another post, but I couldn't decide which was my day and which was my night, but I knew I had to have these.

This was the curve ball, the funny thing is, I had tried to order those top drilled long teardrops about a week before I got these and they were completely out of every color...but the aqua is what I wanted, lol.

I've already started working on my pieces, look at just how cool they look together, and so summery, I can't wait to show you what I'm doing with them.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party 8: It's reveal time!

As I've posted before, I'm participating in Lori Anderson's BSBP again. This year's group is again almost 400 participants, the amazing thing about this is that we only had one day to sign up! The most astounding part about this party, though, is that Lori managed to continue it in spite of the fact that she's still fighting for her health. Honestly, being sick most of the time myself, I don't know how she does it. I'll admit, I struggled with this one myself and barely got it done...just under the wire. I've been so exhausted lately staying up till midnight was just out of the question. I haven't had more than 30 hits to my blog so far so I'm encouraged that maybe I'm not the only one that didn't stay up for the midnight blog post/read/comment blitzkrieg this year.

I want to thank Lori; our fearless hostess, Kim Hutchinson, my beady exchange partner, please visit her blog to see what I sent her and what lovely things she made with them; and all of you, my fellow BSBP'ers.

But without further ado: What I did with Kim's generous helping of bead soup.

I just fell in love with these silk ribbons, I think I focused too much on them, but I just couldn't help it, they're gorgeous.

 This anklet was the first piece I made, I just loved the texture and the color, and so I changed the chain on the clasp so I didn't have to cut any of the ribbon.

This piece though, was the first piece I planned and the only one that looks nothing like I intended. I knew right from the start that the loop on my clasp was going to be my bail, but figuring out how to do that drove me to distraction. I don't I've ever spent so much time on a piece that turned out so simple. And then, we were given another week, instead of finishing the earrings I wanted to do with those awesome grey matte beads in the beaded bead on the right....I took this one apart. Yep, I spent nearly a month trying to knot and tie and sew that beautiful pendant to that "bail" and then took it off in the 11th hour....and then lost it. I found it late last night, sighed with relief, and went straight to bed, lol. 

So there you have it, I had fun, and I hope you did too. Now go check out what Kim did with my soup. After Kim's, I'm going to go around to all your blogs and see what you sent, what you got, and what you did with it. Happy hopping my beady peeps!